Hello to everyone, Vincent Zierigen here. I've gotten plenty of mails and messages on facebook. Thank you all so much for the support and the screenshots.

The website is coming out in the next few days. Not a final version, but drafts of it. If you like you can write me to:


I will upload an "Special Thanks" section in which people who send me helpful mails will be posted.

In the meanwhile, a friend of mine, Oibaf Arel, send me a really interesting link about GOLF. You should check it out:


If you are either James or Mike, write me as well to the same e-mail address. I'm just doing the web site out of fun. My self and my co-workers really enjoy your videos and we're patiently waiting the AVGN Movie. Keep the good work, you guys are awesome.

Greetings from Costa Rica,

ZieCorp Staff & Vincent Zierigen